SAP Mobile Plant Maintenance Platform

An economical and flexible alternative to SAP Fiori


Savings on Maintenance Costs


Fitting your company processes


Faster Implementation

SAP Plant Maintenance: for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

mobile tablet desktop

SAP, only flexible

The SAP Mobile Plant Maintenance Platform is designed to provide an easy way to use the powerful SAP PM Functionalities. It combines the best of both worlds by seamlessly integrating the benefits of the SAP Plant Maintenance module with the latest mobile and web technologies. All your familiar SAP PM functions can be accessed securely and quickly. Both online and offline, via smartphone, tablet and web. Processing your technical administration in your company has never been so easy!


Save time and Costs

For example, because you can complete work orders directly on site at your technical object, you will save time and costs because the user does not have to walk back to his PC or laptop at his desk. The simplicity of use of the platform has a lowering effect on the registration and processing of technical defects. Better registration and completion of work will ultimately lead to fewer unexpected disruptions of your business processes.

Plant maintenance

Multiple Users

The apps can be used simultaneously by multiple users with different access rights. More access means more information to support preventive and ultimately predictive maintenance. Developed with OutSystems, we can easily fine-tune our software packages to ensure, for example, your specific Plant Maintenance processes. You then have all the benefits of ready-to-use software that can be used immediately in combination with customized software because adjustments are easy to make.

Why would you chose the Mobile Plant Maintenance Platform?

sap plant maintenance mobile
  • Increase the efficiency of your maintenance processes with mobile technology
  • Plan maintenance activities simply and appropriately
  • Improve quality assurance of locations and equipment
  • Save time and thus maintenance costs
  • Easily meet legal and regulatory requirements
  • Increase inventory accuracy by regulating PM-related material movements
  • Build up a documented maintenance history
  • Ensure continuous and safe production

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