Install Base management

Installed Base Management


Installed Base Management is about managing the entire lifecycle of the customer's assets, from the moment they are installed and become productive, through the period they are in use, to the period they are finally decommissioned.  Installed base management enables the display and management of the installed Technical Objects used within the organisation. You can assign pieces of Equipment, materials, serial numbers and documents that belong together as installed base parts (components) of a common installed base. An installed base can be the reference base for services. You can also use installed base management if you want to record, for documentation purposes, which parts belong to an installed base.

Relevant SAP transaction codes

  • IB51 - Create installation basis
    (SAP Menu > Logistics > Maintenance of installations > Management of technical objects > Installation basis > IB51)
  • IB52 - Change installation basis
    (SAP Menu > Logistics > Plant Maintenance > Technical Objects Management > Installation Basis > IB52)
  • IB53 - Display basic installation
    (SAP Menu > Logistics > Maintenance of Installations > Technical Objects Management > Installation Basics > IB53)